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Creaform C-Track 780 works with the C-Track Dual-Camera 780 Sensor. The HandyPROBE, increases the reliability, speed and versatility of the measurement process, whether for metrology or large-scale reverse engineering applications.

Features Creaform HandyProb :
The HandyPROBE coordinate measuring device provides high-precision measurements (up to 22 µm) and shows significantly better performance than conventional portable coordinate measuring devices in the production area. The portable CMM HandyPROBE is used in the production areas of leading companies, For example, in the automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Insensitive to environmental changes (vibrations, shifted objects, instability of construction or CMM)
Highly efficient measurement objects without granite or cast iron table
Ideal for geometry and surface testing
Scan functions when using with a MetraSCAN 3D scanner
Size of the objects: 1-3 m; Materials of all kinds
Up to 10 m expandable measuring volume
Conveniently portable and wireless

Creaform Metrascan | The Optical CMM 3D Scanners for Industrial Applications

The MetraSCAN 3D scanners make it possible to easily and dynamically extend the measurement volume with no loss of accuracy. Compared to other 3D scanners on articulated arms, MetraSCAN 3D scanners allow total freedom of movement for increased productivity and quality.

The Creaform MetraSCAN 70 is a professional optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) scanning system made by Creaform, a manufacturer based in Canada. On the shop floor, the metrascan 3D outperforms scanners that are mounted on traditional portable CMMs. Because it is truly portable and insensitive to changes in the environment (e.g. parts displacement, set-up or CCM instability), It is highly efficient measuring parts that can’t be move to a granite or cast iron table. Combined to the HandyPROBE CMM (included), the MetraSCAN 3D is the best solution for geometric and surface inspectionon parts ranging from 1 to 10 meters in size, no matter the type of material they are made of.

Creaform MetraSCAN 70 3-D Optical CMM scanner offers increased resolution. It is ideal for projects where geometrical feature definition is key, such as sheet metal and tooling inspection. Work with the C-Track dual-camera sensor. It is also possible to network the MetraSCAN scanners with 2 or 4 C-Track and benefit from the C-Link functionality, which drastically increases the measurement speed and ease-of-use of the system. The combination of the system with the HandyPROBE, increases the reliability, speed and versatility of the measurement process, whether for metrology or large-scale reverse engineering applications.

C-Track Dual-Camera Sensors

Creaform C-Track Dual-Camera SensorsThe C-Track dual-camera sensors are fitted with high quality optics and special lighting, enabling them to measure all reflectors within their operating space. In addition to tracking the whole system’s reference model, the C-Tracks ensure the exact localization of the HandyPROBE, perform continuous image acquisition and transmission, lighting of reflectors, management of the exchanges with the computer and storage of the sensor parameters.

The MetraSCAN 3D is currently used on the production lines of major players from the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

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