Hitachi X-MET 8000 Smart Handheld XRF Analyzer For Sale


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Hitachi X-MET 8000 Smart Handheld XRF Analyzer

Precision in an instant

X-MET 8000 Smart can provide results on site in seconds, depending on the application. Phenomenal reliability and speed, with no requirement to return for lab assessment, mean optimum productivity, lower costs and an all-important edge over your competitors. Data can be stored on the analyzer, on a USB flash drive, or through our app and cloud service for immediate sharing.
Versatile materials analyzer

Testing a vast range of materials – solids, powders or liquids – the X-MET8000 is ideal for analyzing metals, soils, wood, plastics, glass, oils and more. The analysis is non-destructive and leaves no test mark.
Anyone can work it anywhere

Lightweight, compact and portable, the X-MET8000 is operated by an icon-based touch-screen and comes pre-calibrated for many applications. Easy to use and its military-grade durability is more than a match for the dirtiest, hottest and most hostile environments. In addition, an optional window shield can protect the detector from sharp and rough materials.



Measured entity: metal, alloy, gold
Measured value: identification
Configuration: portable
Technology: X-ray fluorescence
Protection level: IP54


Scrap metal recycling
Manufacturing & PMI QA/QC
Precious metals
Metal coating thickness

Key Features

X-ray tube : 40kV or 50kV
X-ray tube filters: Single
Detector: Large area SDD
Max. sample temperature : 100ºC or 400ºC with HERO™ heat resistant window (optional)
IP54 rating
Protection against detector window damage : Optional window shield
Calibrations : Standardless (includes light elements analysis)
Integrated camera (Optional)
Small-spot collimator (Optional)
6-position filter wheel for the optimised analysis of all elements from Mg to U

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