Jasco V-730 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer


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Jasco V-730 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer offers the highest throughput optics and widest dynamic range in their class. Optimized performance with improved high-order cut-off filters, ultra-high resolution ADC, aberration-free offset for Sample, Reference and Dark Current, enhancement of dynamic range in wide wavelength region.

In the European Pharmacopeia, the standard resolution test for a mixture of Toluene/Hexane requires that the spectral ratio at 269 nm and 266 nm must exceed 1.5; with a Spectral Bandwidth of 1 nm, JASCO V-730 passes this test with ease.

A Daily check program is available for users who require a regular validation check; use a simple Holmium glass filter (or other standard) for daily measurement with automatic execution of procedures to easily record and track a comprehensive history of instrument performance.

Alignment-free lamp replacement, the Halogen (WI) and Deuterium lamps can be re-installed in exactly the same position and realignment after lamp replacement is not required.

Automated accessory recognition and Automated loading of measurement application when the accessory is inserted into main unit simplify tedious and time consuming operations.

Description Jasco V-730 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Compact and efficient double-beam spectrophotometer
Complies with the european, american and japanese pharmacopeia
Ease-of-Use :
– IQ Accessory feature : Accesories Automatic recognition system
– IQ Start feature : Quick start button, ideal for routine analysis
2 interfaces available :
– V-730IRM : Color LCD touch screen
– V-730ST and V-730CFR : PC control with JASCO Spectra Manager II or Spectra manager CFR software


Dimensions 441 x 468 x 216 mm
Dimensions Tank holder : 10 x 10 mm
Weight 15 kg
SpecificitySoftware : MRI touch screen

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