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KSCAN20 3D Scanner Metrology supports probing function to accurately obtain the 3D data of hole, plane, edge, etc. It can work with Scan-Viewer to fulfill pipe inspection, deformation detection, GD&T, etc.

Unlimited Measuring Range
– Capture the 3D data of plane even coin realistically
Red & Blue Laser Modes
– High flexibility and efficiency
– Blue laser mode easily captures extreme details with
– 10μm resolution
Probing Function
– Support holes, hidden points and feature measurement, assembly detection, etc.
Faster Scanning Process
– Optimize each scanning procedure
– Greatly reduce-the cost of device, time and labor

– Scantech Kscan20 with software:
14 red lasers for fast scanning
1 red laser for deep hole scanning
5 blue lasers for detailed scanning
– Photogrammetry for large scanning up go 10 meters squared parts:
Resolution: .01mm =.0005inch
Accuracy .02mm = .001 inch
– Calibration plate included
– Hard carrying case is included
– All cables are included
– All software to operate scanner is included

A versatile composite 3D scanner

Limitless measuring area
Two scanning modes: red and blue
Integrated photogrammetry function
High level of detail and efficiency

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