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Leica AT-901-MR Laser Tracker system has built up a rock-solid reputation for designing and manufacturing absolutely reliable, robust laser trackers that find application in the most demanding environments, from factory shop floors to metrology labs.

At about 22 kg [48 lbs] and 62 cm [2 ft], the Leica Absolute Tracker™ enables easy one-person operation. A quick release mechanism securely locks the sensor onto the sturdy, heavy-duty tripod ensuring that you get the no-compromise stability that’s paramount for accurate measurements. Better still, the entire setup can be transported in the trunk of an average station wagon. The Leica Absolute Tracker™, just like its earlier Leica Geosystems brethren, relies on a technically sophisticated yet surprisingly maintenance-free internal design that allows it to run hour after hour, day after day, month after month without the need for any compensation whatsoever.
Why Leica Absolute Tracker™?

Thermal stability and robustness second to none.

Despite being an extremely sophisticated piece of equipment, a laser tracker is not intended just for controlled laboratory settings in which the temperature and humidity are kept in check. In the real world, a laser tracker is subjected to punishing atmospheric conditions. The Leica Geosystems engineers have designed each and every component with an eye on the big picture, never losing sight of how different parts will mechanically and thermally interact with one another. The result: an extremely homogenous internal design and a laser tracker that refuses to drift out of spec. With the Leica Absolute Tracker™, intermediate adjustments typically required to “reset” the entire apparatus to avoid going out of spec are rendered superfluous.
Absolute Interferometer

Leica AT-901-MR Laser Tracker system In the ideal world, a laser tracker would combine the ability to instantly re-establish a broken laser beam and immediately start tracking a target. At the same time, it would measure absolute distances with the highest precision and would be arbitrarily fast. Keeping the integration time (the time required to perform the mathematical operations to determine the target’s position) down to a minimum is paramount when tracking moving targets. Historically, most laser trackers have used either absolute distance meters (ADM) or interferometers (IFM) to get the job done.

Leica Geosystems combines the strengths of both of these measurement principles, creating a fool-proof system with multiple built-in redundancies that guarantees superb accuracies throughout the measurement volume. We call this forward-looking technology the Absolute Interferometer (patent pending). Its speed and accuracy establish the new metrology standard for industrial applications, featuring an insusceptible, technologically mature design with a negligible thermal footprint.

Depending on your measurement needs, there are three Leica Absolute Tracker™ types available.
Leica Absolute Tracker At901-Basic

If your application requires positioning machines, fixtures or jigs, or if you are in the business of installing and aligning machine tools, roll mills, presses or gantry-based machines, At901-Basic is your tracker. Operating solely with a reflector, it is optimized for inspections within a measurement volume of up to 80 m.
Leica Absolute Tracker At901-Mid Range

Since the introduction of the Leica T-Probe in 2004 and the Leica T-Scan a few months later, practically all leading automobile manufacturers have joined the ranks of our customers. When a reflector simply won’t cut it because there is no clear line of sight to the part you are trying to inspect, the part is hidden or sunken deep beneath surrounding sheet metal, or because you need to reverse-engineer a part right there on the spot, the At901-MR is all you will need. When coupled to the Leica T-Probe and the Leica T-Scan, the At901-MR gives you a measurement volume of up to 18 m (59 ft). Use it with the Leica T-Probe to measure recesses and cavities with an astonishing precision. Couple it to the Leica T-Scan, Leica’s high-speed contactless scanner, and small and large objects as well as complex surfaces can be quickly digitized with minimal preparation times and regardless of the surface material. Of course, it can also be used with a standard corner cube, in which case its measurement volume goes up to a full 50 m (163 ft).
Leica Absolute Tracker At901-Long Range

False modesty aside, this laser tracker is the new benchmark for aerospace and other general industry precision (GIP) large-scale applications such as windmill blade inspection or heavy industrial machinery alignment. It gives you hand-held wireless probing or hand-held contactless scanning volume of up to 30 m (98 ft). Of course, it can also be used with a standard corner cube, in which case its measurement volume goes up to a full 80 m (262 ft). Its high-end specifications let you conduct demanding wireless inspections of very large parts with just one setup and with no need to reposition the laser tracker. With its unmatched robustness and reliability, repeatable accuracy and compact size that’s perfect for one-person operation, the At901-LR is the ideal GIP workhorse for those applications in which taking second guesses is absolutely not an option.

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