MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner


MakerBot MultiScan Technology
MakerWare for Digitizer Software
Scan 3D Objects in Multiple Angles
Scan 3D Prints into Digital File Formats
Share Scanned 3D Design Files Online
Made in USA
Scan Volume 8 x 8″ / 20.3 x 20.3 cm (max)
Dimensional Accuracy ± 0.079″ / ± 2.0 mm
Detail Resolution 0.0197″ / 0.5 mm
Triangles Per 3D Model 200,000 (approx.)
Scan Speed 12 minutes (approx.)
Steps Per Rotation 800 per rotation
Optimal Light Conditions Artificial indoor light
Maximum Weight on Turntable 6.6 lbs / 3 kg
Included MakerWare for Digitizer
File Types Supported Exported: STL, THING
Operating Systems Supported Windows: 7 and higher
Mac: OS X 10.7 and higher
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 and higher
Laser 2 x Eye-safe class 1 laser line generators
Camera 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor
Enclosure Material PC ABS
Connectivity USB connection
Stepper Motor 0.9° step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
AC Input 100 – 240 V, ~2 AMPS, 50 – 60 Hz
Power Requirements 12 V DC @ 2.08 AMPS
Temperature Operating
60 – 90°F / 15 – 32°C

32 – 90°F / 15 32°C
Dimensions 18.7 x 8.0 x 16.2″ / 47.5 x 20.3 x 41.1 cm
Weight 4.7 lbs / 2.1 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight 10.2 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 20.5 x 18.5 x 10.0″


MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

The Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner from MakerBot allows you to scan your 3D object and import the 3D file to your computer. When you have digitized the 3D model you want to work with, you’ll be able to modify, multiply, improve, and share it for 3D printing. The MakerBot Digitizer is optimized to work with MakerBot Replicator desktop 3D printers, MakerBot MakerWare, and Thingiverse.

Using MakerBot MultiScan technology, the MakerBot Digitizer allows you to scan objects from multiple angles to capture the top, bottom, and even the hidden parts of your 3D object. With up to 200,000 triangles on a single 3D object, you can also “merge” all the different angles into one 3D model for improved accuracy.

MakerBot MultiScan Technology
MakerBot MultiScan Technology allows you to scan objects from multiple angles to capture the top, bottom, and hidden parts of your object. You can then “merge” them together to create a high quality 3D model.
Optimized for 3D Printing
With just two clicks, the MakerBot Digitizer easy-to-use yet sophisticated software creates clean, watertight 3D models that are ready to 3D print. MakerBot optimized the whole process to work seamlessly with MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D printers. However, the MakerBot Digitizer provides standard design files so you can use them on the 3D printer of your choice. You don’t need any design or 3D modeling skills to get started, and it all happens in just minutes.
MakerWare for Digitizer
Behind the two-click simplicity is a powerful and complex reconstruction process. for Digitizer contains an algorithm that connects hundreds of thousands of points into a seamless digital mesh in just seconds. There’s no patching, stitching, or repairing required, so you can skip straight to your creative process.
Modify Your Design.MakerBot built sharing directly into the MakerBot Digitizer experience. Send your 3D design

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