MWF MF 9700 QUINARY Metal Detector


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MWF MF 9700 QUINARY Metal Detector With 6 professional detection systems

Depth: 70 meters and 450 meters to look for groundwater
Distance: 2000 meters, depending on the system to be used.

MWF has developed a metal detector with integrated search and exploration of mineral resources, treasures, cavities and water in a single machine easy to operate and handle, especially in areas with many stones and mountains obtaining accurate results.

MWF MF 9700 QUINARY Metal Detector  The 6 systems are used for the detection of:

– Gold.
– Metals.
– Treasures.
– Relics.
– Groundwater.
– Cavity.

The systems supported by the device give you a long-range scan to detect and locate them targets from a distant, ionic search verification system to confirm the target. System geophysical survey, with intelligent and automatic analysis of target, showing the target and exact depth. Magnetic scanner system (ground sensor) confirming the finding with sound and graphics of target the, and soil exploration system, providing a clear image of the target.

All this and more available in a single device with proven efficiency and HD colour display.

Forms of detection

– Through the orientation towards the location of the target accompanied by sound + visual alerts.
– Through sound, LED indicators and vibrations.
– Indicators of graphic data, sound, oscilloscope and intensity of the signal on the screen.
– Automatic results on the target, type, name, depth displayed on the screen.

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