OKM Bionic X4 -Gold Metal Detector


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OKM Bionic X4 -Gold Metal Detector

Classic: Long-range gold detector with two different detection methods and visual locating software to locate hidden gold treasures at long distances
Measuring Depth: Customers found treasures up to 20 meters (65 ft) in a range of 10 km (12 miles)
Use case: Treasure Hunting
Scan modes: Ionic / Bionic
Detectable Objects: Gold nuggets, gold coins, jewelry

OKM Bionic X4 -Gold Metal Detector Features

Remote gold detector with Android smartphone
Bionic X4 has been specially developed for gold prospectors and treasure hunters who are looking for gold from a distance. Unlike older long-range detectors, the Bionic X4 works with an Android smartphone, which can be used as a visual detection aid.
Treasure hunter discovers a hoard of gold and silver coins using Bionic X4 in Iran
Treasure hunter discovers gold and silver treasure using Bionic X4 in Shiraz (Iran)
A treasure hunter discovers a treasure in Shiraz (Iran) consisting of gold and silver dirhams that was discovered at a depth of approx. 1.10 m (3.6 ft).
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Measurement principle to search for gold
Bionic X4 Long Range Gold Detector provides two measurement methods to search for gold and buried treasures:
Principle of ion measurement
(single ion chamber system)
The principle of ionometry analyzes the ionic radiation (ion absorption) of buried gold objects. In this way one could find gold artifacts that had been buried for a long time.
Electronic measurement principle
(bio-energy system)
The bioenergy system interacts with the vital energy of the body during the localization of gold or silver objects, in order to finally notice minimal changes in the substance of the body. That is why the Bionic X4 gold detector is basically capable of locating almost all types of metals. The bioenergy system is independent of the age of the body and can also find things in a new state or things that have not been buried.
Automatic Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the Bionic X4 allows measurement data to be transmitted and displayed on the smartphone screen. This way the treasure hunter can see the measurement direction directly on the smartphone and can fix it for later analysis.
Possible uses of the device to search for gold
OKM Bionic X4 Screen
Using the two principles of measurement, the Bionic X4 gold detector can be used for many different searches, for example detecting buried gold such as gold jewelry, gold statues, gold rings or necklaces, and gold bars.
The Bionic X4 gold detector also works in dry areas or in wet and wetlands. You can use the Bionic X4 after rain without problems.
The Bionic X4 long range gold detector works best in sparsely populated areas and less urbanization. This gold detector reacts very precisely to small changes in the ionic and magnetic fields of the environment. That is why the golden device is the most powerful in the natural environment.
Characteristics and Characteristics
In combination with the Android smartphone, the Bionic X4 has more functions such as:
digital compass for direction finding
Optical stabilization of measurement direction
Lens optical capture
Searching for gold with Bionic X4 in the field
OKM Bionic X4 Screen
The Bionic X4 Long Range Gold Detector can be used to search for long range gold like our other long range systems. Bionic X4 gold detector can be used for the first search in an unknown area, to find different places of buried treasures. The Bionic X4 long range detector is especially interesting for gold prospectors who have no idea where to start measuring. The excavator can easily and quickly get a general idea of ​​a large field.
Bionic X4 has been specifically developed for challenging terrain such as wooded forests, rocky mountains or rocky faces.
With the Bionic X4 gold detector, you can measure along the horizon and the treasure hunter is looking for a direction in which he can find the buried gold. Once the gold detector detects a gold object, it gives an audio signal and you can see the direction of the target on the screen of your Android smartphone.
OKM Bionic X4 Cross Loader
To find the position of the gold you have to do triangulation with the Bionic X4 gold detector. You should measure from at least two different directions and see if the device indicates gold. Once you receive a positive signal from two or three different directions, you have found your spot at the crossroads.
Bionic X4 and Rover UC Combo Presentation
The Bionic X4 long range search device cannot provide accurate indications of the depth or dimensions of the found objects. It is advisable to carry out a more detailed analysis with a 3D scanner of the basement. The right device is the Rover UC, which is also used with a smartphone similar to the Bionic X4.
With the Bionic X4 you can find where the gold is and with the Rover UC you can pinpoint the exact location underground and you can measure the depth and dimensions of the gold object.

OKM Bionic X4 -Gold Metal Detector Specifications

Control unit

Dimensions (H x W x D): 260 x 140 x 220 mm
Weight: approx. 780 g
Input voltage (max.): 12 V DC
Processor / Main CPU: Atmel AtMega CPU, 14.7 MHz
Operating temperature: 0°C – 70°C
Storage temperature: –20°– 60°C
Waterproof: No
Operating time: 16 hours (without smartphone at USB), 8 hours (smartphone at USB)
Air humidity: 5% – 75%
Feedback: acoustic, visual
Indication: OLED


Operating temperature: 15°C – 35°C
Laser beam distance: max. 150 m
Laser output: max. 3 mW
Emitted wavelength: 650 nm
Laser class: 3R (EN 60825-1:2007)

Data transmission

Technology: Bluetooth 5.1
Frequency: 2.402 – 2.480 GHz
Maximum Transfer Rate: 1 Mbps
Maximum Transmitting Power: +8 dBm
Maximum Range: approx. 10 m

Computer minimum requirements

Interface (data transmission): USB 2.0
Free disk space: minimum 250 MB
Working memory (RAM): 2 GB
Display: 1920 x 1080
Processor: 1.2 GHz
Graphics card: 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3
Operating system: Windows 10

The technical data are average values. Minor deviations are possible during operation.

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