Olympus OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector


The X3 flaw detector preserves the familiar OmniScan interface but reduces the number of steps required for setup and analysis. This makes transitioning to the X3 flaw detector fast and easy for existing users and easy to learn for new users

Improved Fast Calibration
The OmniScan X3 calibration menus track the signals at high speed. You can perform multiple group calibrations in minutes with minimal frustration.

Harness the Power of Your PC

OmniPC software offers a suite of advanced tools, such as a side-by-side view that enables you to compare two files onscreen at the same time to maximize the power of your PC when analyzing data.

Easily export data to a USB memory stick
View the left and right sides of a weld
Compare current and previously captured inspection data next to each other on the same screen

Multigroup, multimode ultrasonic flaw detector
Size (W × H × D) 335 mm x 221 mm x 151 mm (13.2 in. x 8.7 in. x 5.9 in.)
Weight 5.7 kg (12.6 lb) (with 1 battery)
Hard Drive Capacity Internal 64 GB SSD, extendable using an external USB drive
Storage Devices SDHC™ and SDXC™ cards or most standard USB storage devices
Max Onboard File Size 25 GB
GPS Yes (unless specified otherwise for some regions)
Alarms 3
Wireless Connection Yes (USB dongle sold separately as an accessory)
PA Connectors 1 connector
UT Connectors 4 (2 P/R channels)
Certifications ISO 18563-1:2015
Type TFT LCD with resistive touch screen
Size 269 mm (10.6 in.)
Resolution 1280 × 768 pixels
Number of Colors 16 million
Viewing Angles Horizontal: −85° to 85°
Vertical: −85° to 85°
I/O Ports
USB 2.0 2 ports (one hidden behind the battery)
USB 3.0 1 port
Video Output Video out (HDMI)
Memory Card SDHC port
Communication Ethernet
I/O Lines
Encoder 2-axis encoder line (quadrature or clock/direction), 3rd encoder ready
Digital Input 6 digital inputs, TTL
Digital Output 5 digital inputs, TTL
Acquisition On/Off Switch Through the configuration of a digital input
Power Output Line 5 V nominal, 1 A (short-circuit protected), and 12 V output at 1 A
External DC Supply
DC-IN Voltage 15 VDC to 18 VDC (min. 50 W)
Connector Circular, 2.5 mm pin diameter, center-positive
Type Lithium-ion battery
Capacity 93 Wh
Number of Batteries 2
Life 5 hours using 2 batteries (hot-swap capable)
PA/UT Configuration
Bit Depth 16 bits
Maximum PRF 20 kHz
Effective Digitizing Frequency Up to 100 MHz
Refresh Rate A-scan: 60 Hz; S-scan: 20 Hz to 30 Hz
Envelope (echo-dynamic mode) Yes: Volume-corrected S-scan (30 Hz)
A-Scan Height Up to 800%
On Internal Clock 1 Hz to 10 kHz
External Pace Yes
On Encoder On 2 axes: from 1 to 65,536 steps
Data Specifications
Maximum Number of A-Scan Data Points Up to 16,384
Real-Time Averaging PA: 2, 4, 8, 16
UT: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
Rectification RF, full wave, half wave+, half wave-
Filtering PA channel: 3 low-pass, 6 band-pass, and 4 high-pass filters
UT channel: 8 low-pass, 6 band-pass, and 4 high-pass filters (3 low-pass filters when configured in TOFD)
Video Filtering Smoothing (adjusted to the probe frequency range)
Programmable TCG
Number of Points 32: One TCG (time-corrected gain) curve per focal law
Range PA (standard): 40 dB per step of 0.1 dB
PA (extended): 65 dB per step of 0.1 dB
UT: 100 dB per step of 0.1 dB
Maximum Slope PA (standard): 40 dB/10 ns
PA (extended): 0.1 dB/10 ns
UT: 40 dB/10 ns
Acoustic Specifications
Pulser PA Channel UT Channels
Voltage 40 V, 80 V, and 115 V 85 V, 155 V, and 295 V
Pulse Width Adjustable from 30 ns to 500 ns; resolution of 2.5 ns Adjustable from 30 ns to 1,000 ns; resolution of 2.5 ns
Fall Time < 10 ns < 10 ns
Pulse Shape Negative square pulse Negative square pulse
Output Impedance 28 Ω in pulse-echo
24 Ω in pitch-catch < 30 Ω
Receiver PA Channel UT Channels
Gain Range 0 dB to 80 dB maximum input signal; 550 mVp-p (full-screen height) 0 dB to 120 dB maximum input signal; 34.5 Vp-p (full-screen height)
Input Impedance 57 Ω ± 10% at 9 MHz in pulse-echo
100 Ω ± 10% at 9 MHz in pitch-catch 50 Ω in pulse-echo mode
50 Ω in pulse-receive mode
System Bandwith 0.5 MHz to 18 MHz 0.25 MHz to 28 MHz
Beam Formation PA Channel UT Channels
Scan Type Single, linear, sectorial, compound, and TFM –
Maximum Aperture OMNIX3-PATFM1664PR = 16 elements
OMNIX3-PATFM16128PR = 16 elements
OMNIX3-PATFM32128PR = 32 elements –
Number of Receiving Elements OMNIX3-PATFM1664PR = 64 receiving elements
OMNIX3-PATFM16128PR = 128 receiving elements
OMNIX3-PATFM32128PR = 128 receiving elements –
Number of Focal Laws Up to 1024 –
Delay Range Transmission 0 µs to 10 µs in 2.5 ns increments –
Delay Range Reception 0 µs to 6.4 µs in 2.5 ns increments –
Supported Modes Pulse-echo: L-L, T-T, and TT-TT
Self-tandem: LL-L, TT-T, TT-L, TL-T, LT-T, TTT-TT, and TL-L
Number of Groups Up to 4 simultaneous TFM groups
Maximum Aperture OMNIX3-PATFM1664PR = 32 elements extended aperture
OMNIX3-PATFM166128PR = 32 elements extended aperture
OMNIX3-PATFM32128PR = 64 elements extended aperture
Image Resolution Up to 1024 × 1024 (1 M points) for each TFM group
Live TFM Envelope Yes
Operating Environment
Ingress Protection Rating IP65 certified (completely protected against dust and water jets from all directions (6.3 mm nozzle))
Shockproof Rating Drop tested according to MIL-STD-810G
Intended Use Indoor and outdoor use
Altitude Up to 2,000 m (6,561 ft)
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 45 °C (32 °F to 113 °F)
Storage Temperature −20 °C to 60 °C (−4 °F to 140 °F) (with battery inside)
−20 °C to 70 °C (−4 °F to 158 °F) (with no battery inside)

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  • Model:OmniScan X3

Olympus OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector 

Olympus OmniScan MX2 Phased Array Flaw Detector

Innovative TFM

Better flaw imaging brings clarity and resolution to smaller defects
Image early-stage high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA)
to detect it when it matters most
Onboard acoustic influence map (AIM) reflectivity simulator helps you
visualize TFM sensitivity and adjust accordingly
Up to four TFM modes facilitates flaw interpretation and sizing

Improved Phased Array

3X as fast as the OmniScan MX2 flaw detector (max pulse repetition frequency)
Single TOFD menu for accelerated workflow
Improved fast phased array calibration minimizes frustration
800% high amplitude range reduces the need to rescan
Onboard Dual Linear Array and Dual Matrix Array™ probe support accelerates setup creation

Get to Work, Quickly

The onboard scan plan, improved fast calibration, and streamlined user interface help eliminate unnecessary steps so that you can complete your inspection setup in minimal time.

If you’re an existing OmniScan user, the transition from the MX2 is fast. If you’re new to phased array ultrasonic testing or TFM, the OmniScan X3 flaw detector is easy to learn.

The Reliability You Trust

IP65 certified rain and dust proof
Onboard GPS provides the location of data
Connect wirelessly to the Olympus Scientific Cloud™ to download the latest software
Scan without stopping thanks to the 25 GB file size

The Workhorse of Your Inspection Fleet

The OmniScan X3 flaw detector has the tools to help you complete your work efficiently. Its range of applications include welds, pipelines, pipes, corrosion-resistant alloys, corrosion mapping, HTHA inspection, detection of stepwise cracking, composite inspection, and flaw imaging.

Compatible with existing probes and scanners
32:128PR model, featuring 64-element TFM
16:64PR and 16:128PR also available
Up to 8 groups, 1,024 focal laws
Compatible with MX2/SX files for convenience
64 GB internal storage, extendable with an external USB drive.

A Better OmniScan Experience

Powerful software that’s intuitive for new and existing OmniScan users with a modern, simplified menu structure that minimizes button presses improves your entire inspection process, from setup to reporting.

Up to Four TFM Modes Facilitate Interpretation and Sizing

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