Optix 500S 3D Scanner


Optix 500S 3D Scanner
Model Optix 500 M
Manufacturer 3D Digital Corp
Price US $14.500
Status available
Category Industrial
Technology Laser triangulation
Output formats –
OS compatibility Windows
Max. resolution 0.075 mm
Max. accuracy 0.025 mm
Acquisition speed –
Camera resolution 5 MP
Working range 0.375 – 0.475 m
Scanning area (near) 250 x 200 mm
Scanning area (far) 375 x 325 mm
Dimensions 325 x 100 x 150 mm
Weight 4 kg
Power input 220V/110V/120V


Based on the 400 model, the Optix 500S 3D scanner is a fully upgraded 3D scanning device from 3D Digital Corporation. As a result of upgrading, the 3D Digital Corp Optix 500S enjoys a significantly improved accuracy rate and a higher resolution. The Optix 500S has spread the use of 3D scanners to diverse industries like jewelry and mobile phone manufacturing. It is a perfect device for scanning tiny objects with detailed textures and curves.
The Optix 500S provides an accuracy rate of up to 0.0006 inch (15 microns). This device could be used for scanning targets ranging from 80mm to 300mm. While it is especially designed for scanning small parts, scanning larger objects won’t be a challenge either. Scanning at longer ranges or at higher accuracy is possible without requiring any calibration at all.

The latest technologies used in the Optix 500S has made it a widely used device in a broad range of professional settings. This technologically superior scanner is capable of producing detailed 3D images of any object by making use of mirrors, laser light sensors and sophisticated software programs. The 500S can be used to restore and preserve structures with historical significance. By using the scanner, it is possible to virtually reproduce the exact details of the structure. This will ensure that no minor details are excluded from the scanned image, and therefore, can help in finishing projects with absolute perfection. The finalized model and renders can be fully colored to produce enhanced results.

Along with using this scanner in large-scale applications, the Optix 500S could be very useful in modeling and replicating small objects with intricate details. The whole scanning process could be performed without moving the objects. As it ensures both integrity of the object and a perfect model of the object, 500S is especially useful in architecture and historical expeditions. Another very useful feature of the scanner is its easy scalability. Whenever you need to scale up or scale down objects, you can do that with the Optix 500S. The advanced scaling technology lets you create virtual models while retaining all the details and specifications of the object.

The amazing technology used in the Optix 500S generates point clouds instantly and shows the images on a computer screen simultaneously. The scanner needs a computer with Windows 7 OS, 16GB RAM, at least 500GB HDD and a standard video card. The scanner is capable of capturing geometric images of objects within a very short time. The incredible speed and accuracy of the Optix 500S will help a lot in the manufacturing process of any product. By using the images, determining errors will be possible in early stages and ensuring a perfect workflow will be possible.

The Optix 500S is perfect for performing various tedious jobs in the fields of civil engineering or construction. As the scanner has a laser eye, it can perform the duties of multiple robots and a lot of individuals. Working models of buildings could be created by using the scanner. Quality survey processes will be speedier and more accurate with this device. The amount of time and energy this device could save is incredible. It could be used in lots of other fields, like laser scanning in minefields, preparing Geographic Information System (GIS) maps, etc.

Medical technologies could also be improved by using 3D scanners. 3D scanning process leaves minimal impact on the patients, while the job is done wonderfully. When 3D scanners are used in medical processes, patients do not feel any pain or any kind of pressure at all. As the scanners do not need to have direct contact with the patients, the whole process became a lot easier than ever before. Another benefit of the 3D scanners is that they allow the doctors to analyze the relevant body part of the patient in a 3D form, which is very useful. Specific applications like Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial processes could be more accurate by using 3D scanners like the Optix 500S. As it is capable of recording the finest details without any direct contact with the patients, doctors can create the perfect mold for them.

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