Oxford Arc-Met 8000 Mobile Lab Analyzer


  • Accurate results displayed on probe and main unit
  • Argon kit available
  • Ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Maximum performance for all types of analysis
  • Versatile mobile unit affords flexibility in all applications

The ARC-MET 8000 is designed to identify the widest array of elements, including C, P, S, B with the Argon flushed mode, as well as all other alloying elements. This unit is available with the Argon kit.


Oxford Arc-Met 8000 Mobile Lab Analyzer

Oxford Arc-Met 8000 Mobile Lab Analyzer technology is highly accurate due to the unique technical features of the placement of optics in the sensor. The measurement result is independent of environmental conditions. ARC-MET carbon analyzer accuracy is second to none in portable systems. And a possible option for measuring sulfur and phosphorus makes it possible to most accurately separate alloy grades.

ARC-MET 8000 is:

Fast analysis and sorting in difficult and changing conditions
Superior analysis quality
Ease of use
Excellent repeatability of results for CARBON, SULFUR, PHOSPHORUS and BOR
Model Extensibility
Robust and rugged design
Portability and small size
Versatility – work in both argon and air
Choosing ARC-MET, the User gets the maximum set of analytical capabilities:

scrap sorting
oil and gas production, and their transportation and processing
chemical and petrochemical industry
aviation and military industry
power engineering
aerospace industry
The high accuracy of the analyzer also makes it possible to use it in inspection companies involved, in particular, in industrial safety. An ideal instrument capable of measuring both ferrite and neferrite alloys:

Low alloy steels
Stainless steel
Tool steels
Low Alloy (White) Cast Iron
Aluminum alloys
Titanium alloys
Nickel alloys
Cobalt alloys
Copper alloys
Zinc alloys
Magnesium alloys
And other alloys on request.
Argon and air measurement mode


Holographic flat saw
Registration of the entire spectrum
Wavelength Range 175–370 nm
8192 PDA / CCD detector
128 x 64 dots LCD
Keyboard controlled software
Connecting cable from 3 to 10 m
Additional options

Internal printer
Trolley (+ batteries and inverter)
Adapters (for surfaces of complex shape)
Main unit

Industrial PC Board
Color display
TFT 640 × 400
Interfaces: RS232, parallel, mouse, keyboard, network, USB Software: Built-in industrial version of Windows NT. Menu-based control includes the widest range of MobileLab calibration and measurement software.
Power Supply: 230/115 V, 50/60 Hz
Program-controlled spark and arc firing discharges

Battery operation for at least 200 measurements
Power consumption: 90 W in standby mode, 250 W in ARC mode and 500 W in ISKRA mode
Version: dustproof and waterproof (IP54 / NEMA 3)
Operating temperature: 0–50 ° C
Weight: 16 kg

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