Oxford X-MET 7500 XRF Analyzer




Easy to use, minimal user training required: simple ‘point and shoot’ analysis
Icon-driven user interface with largest colour touch screen on the market: superior visibility in all weather conditions
Up to 10-12 hours battery life: operate a full day on a single battery charge
Simple, powerful and secure data download with total reporting flexibility, including wifi capability
Wide range of applications: scrap sorting, positive material identification (PMI), mine mapping,

The X-MET handheld XRF analyser is available in a range of different models to suit your testing needs and budget:

The X-MET 7500 is the cost-effective choice for routine quality control and quality assurance in many applications when light elements (Mg to S) analysis is not required
The X-MET 7500 QuickSort includes Oxford Instruments’ X-ray tube and PIN-diode detector
Measures hot surfaces up to 400° C


When extra speed, improved precision and lower limits of detection are required, without the need for light elements (Mg to S) analysis
Improved precision (repeatability)
The X-MET 7500 eXpress includes Oxford Instruments’ X-ray tube and high resolution Silicon-drift detector (SDD)


The X-MET7500 delivers the highest performance and flexibility for the rapid analysis of the widest variety of materials from parts per million (ppm) to percent (%) concentration levels
Powerful light element (Magnesium to Sulfur) analysis capability ensures the correct grading of magnesium and aluminium alloys, without the need for expensive and bulky helium or vacuum attachments
The X-MET7500 includes Oxford Instruments’ X-ray tube and high resolution Silicon-drift detector (SDD) for flexibility, speed and lower limits of detection

Laboratory grade results for mining and exploration professionals – in seconds!

The X-MET7500 Mining Analyser delivers the versatility of a laboratory, right there in the field
Features a large area, silicon drift detector (SDD), optimised for mining and soil applications
Provides fast analysis, even when measuring light elements, coupled with detection limits down to 1ppm for important metals
The handheld XRF Mining Analyser allows fast and flexible custom calibration using on-site samples
Offers significant savings in analysis costs, as samples can be measured on-site, immediately, with little or no preparation
The X-MET7500 Mining Analyser enables the user to combine GPS/GIS location data with analysis results for mine mapping

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