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SHIMADZU UV-3101 PC spectrophotometer MODEL :


Maximum efficiency optical design extends throughput over a wide range.
Wide Dynamic Range -4 to 5.0 ABS 20-bit ADC assures maximum signal resolution and reproducibility.
Resolution to 0.1 nm
Excellent stray light rejection: less than 0.00008% at 220nm
Sealed optics
Self-aligning lamps with selectable switchover
Optional MPC-3100 large sample compartment with spill-trough construction
High-mass, stable optional bench
Application engineered
Wide variety of optional accessories
Selectable and constant bandpass
Double beam

Shimadzu’s Personal Spectroscopy Software Offers:

Advanced File Handling
Launch third party applications or programs from menu
Extensive transformation & scaling functions
On-line extensive Help function with Search ability

Applications Are a Snap:

Time Course
Quantitative Measurement
Pop-Up Scan
Blank Subtract
Point Pick
Peak Pick
Peak Area

Present Your Data Beautifully and Effortlessly:

Copy To Clipboard
Dynamic Data Exchange
Legends & Notes
Custom Reports & Templates
Optional File Translation Software

SHIMADZU UV-3101 PC spectrophotometer  Specifications

Wavelength range

Spectral band width (slit width)
9 steps in ultraviolet/visible region; 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 0.8, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5nm
12 steps in near-infrared region; 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 20, 30nm


Display of wavelength
0.1nm increments

Setting of wavelength
The start and end wavelength in scanning can be set in increments of 1nm.
With the GOTO WL command, wavelength can be set in increments of 0.1nm

Wavelength accuracy
±0.3nm (at slit width of 0.2nm) in ultraviolet/visible region
±1.6nm (at slit width of 1.2nm) in near-infrared region
Automatic wavelength correction is possible.

Wavelength repeatability
±0.1nm in ultraviolet/visible region
±0.4nm in near-infrared region

Wavelength scanning speed
In the case of wavelength setting by:
GOTO WL command: 2100nm/min
FAST 1600nm/min (with 2nm sampling interval)
FAST 700nm/min
MIDDLE 200nm/min These are the speeds when scanning with 0.5nm sampling interval.
SLOW 100nm/min
SUPER SLOW 50nm/min

Switching of the light sources
The light sources are switched automatically in conjunction with wavelength scanning. The wavelength at which the light sources are switched is selectable in the range of 282nm to 393nm in 0.1nm increments.

Stray light
Less than 0.00008% (220nm , NaI 10g/L aqueous soln.)
Less than 0.00005% (340nm , UV-39 Filter)
Less than 0.08% (1690nm , CH2Br2 10mm)
Less than 0.08% (2740nm , silica plate of t=6mm)

Photometric system
Double-beam, direct ratio measuring system
Dynode feedback system for ultraviolet/visible region
Slit program/gain control system for near infrared region
With summing feedback system, negative absorbances or transmittances and reflectances greater than 100% can be accurately measured.

Photometric range
Absorbance : -4~5 Abs (up to 0.001 Abs.)
Transmittance: 0~999.9%T (up to 0.01%)
Reflectance: 0~999.9%R (up to 0.01%)

Recording range
Absorbance : -9.999~9.999 Abs (0.001 Abs of the full scale maximum expansion)
Transmittance: -999.9~999.9%T (0.1% of the full scale in maximum expansion )
Reflectance: -999.9~999.9%R (0.1% of the full scale in maximum expansion)
Photometric accuracy (Determined using the NBS standard reference) ±0.002 Abs in the range 0~0.5 Abs.
±0.004 Abs in the range 0.5~1.0 Abs.
±0.3%T in transmittance filter NBS930D.
Photometric repeatability ±0.001 Abs in the range 0~0.5 Abs
±0.002 Abs in the range 0.5~1.0 Abs
±0.1%T in transmittance

Most appropriate response is set automatically according to the spectral slit width and scanning speed.
The fastest response is 0.1 sec.

Automatic zero setting function
One-touch setting is available with AUTO ZERO command

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